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  Blogging can be anything from the tedious diary of an extremely dull person (often with a lot of photos of cats!) or high quality journalism. Whatever your perception of this recent phenomena, it seems to have become an integral part of the internet. Even Twittering has not replaced the web log.

It is also a very good way to get an understanding of a region, and Cornwall UK has many examples of blogs, take The Cornwall Blog, a fairly new blog featuring events and articles about the county.
  But the blogs do not need to be directly about the county to be valid, take these two for example , Design Debate and Pickle News. Design Debate is run by a designer based in North Cornwall, who shares his views on the creative industry here and throughout the world. The South West contains the next highest concentration of design related companies, and a significantly higher proportion than the next closest region.

The Pickle Blog has news and updates on projects in a local design studio, they have recently completed work on an artist's first book, John O'Carroll. It is worth taking a look to see how the project went.
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